Fitness Spotlight ? Use These Shaping Up Health And Fitness Tips …

When you are losing weight, you should always include a weight loss regimen through total health and fitness exercise programs. Failure may be your result if you jump into your attempt without knowing what is required or without the proper support system in place. It is unnecessary to view exercise as little more than a painful, sweaty experience. You can transform a workout into something fun if you know how to add some spice to your routines. Read the advice in the article below for easy ways to liven up your workout routine.

Turn the music on when you exercise. Listening to music is a natural way to encourage yourself to get moving. Working out to music is like dancing, which can make it more enjoyable. You will find it easier to ignore the fatigue and pain and to push through your workout. When you use music with your exercise routine, it will keep you going for that much longer.

TIP! Motivation will almost always beat mere talent. -Norman R. Augustine

Your exercise routine will be so much easier if you get a friend involved. Taking time to socialize and catch up while exercising makes the time pass more quickly. You will be astonished at how fast the weight comes off when you work out with a buddy.

If you are looking to enhance your exercise routine, you should consider workout video games. The games make exercise seem like play and create a sense of fun and enjoyment. By directing your focus to the fun you are having, you will forget that you are actually working out, and you won?t get tired!

Looking and feeling good as you work out will make you want to go to the gym more often. Investing in several comfortable, flattering exercise outfits will increase your confidence. Make sure that the gym clothes you choose will inspire you to get out and visit the gym.

TIP! In seeking happiness for others, you find it for yourself. -Anonymous

When your workout routine becomes too much of a chore and is not fun anymore, try changing it up to include more things to do. You want to stay motivated so that you do not get bored and want to give up. Change your workout plan often to ensure your willpower stays high. Once you lose interest, it will be almost impossible to get that motivation back.

Treating yourself to something special when you hit an exercise milestone is a terrific idea and one that helps keep your enthusiasm high. The reward does not have to be anything big. It can just be a small dessert or a new clothing article. Chose a reward that you will really look forward to receiving. The key, set yourself smaller goals and stay focused on your fitness plan by self motivation.

Use These Shaping Up Health And Fitness Tips Towards A Fit Body

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Artificial Self-Healing Skin Can Sense Touch

First and foremost, you can disagree with the way the country is going and not be a racist. I don’t dislike Obama, but I’m not thrilled with him. Really hate that Bush era policies continued under him, when he promised they wouldn’t. I’m unhappy with drones coming to American streets. I’m unhappy with turning new laws giving the government the ability to detain without trial. I’m unhappy with they way they’ve been treating whistle blowers. I’m unhappy with the cronyism we see between Biden and the MPAA/RIAA


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Insurgents kill NATO soldier in Afghanistan


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DeLorme to Showcase inReach? at METS – About Shipping

IT and Communications ? By admin on November 12, 2012 at 9:40 PM

First Affordable Two-Way Satellite Communication Solution is Finalist in DAME Award Competition

YARMOUTH, Maine ? Nov. 12, 2012 ? DeLorme, the innovation leader in personal satellite messaging, tracking and navigation technology will be exhibiting the inReach? two-way satellite communication solution at the 25th Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam Nov. 13-15.

inReach is also a finalist for the esteemed Design Awards Mets (DAME), recognized around the world as the most prestigious design competition for new marine equipment and accessories. inReach is nominated in the life saving and safety equipment category.

inReach is the world?s first affordable two-way communication solution and allows boaters of all types to stay connected when cruising waters beyond cell phone range. inReach provides two-way text messaging and email, SOS alerting, message delivery confirmation, remote GPS Follow-Me/Find-Me tracking and locating, and worldwide global coverage over the Iridium? satellite network. The device is compact, lightweight, waterproof, buoyant, impact-resistant and it can maintain satellite signal lock even in difficult GPS environments.

?For any voyage that takes users beyond traditional cellular coverage, inReach provides two-way satellite communications capabilities and emergency alerting,? said Patrick Shay, DeLorme vice president and general manager. ?The comprehensive inReach experience also provides an added measure of safety through its remote tracking and locating features, along with the convenience of two-way text messaging from anywhere on the globe, social media posting capabilities, and unlimited downloadable maps and charts.?

inReach can be used as a standalone device or can also be paired wirelessly with popular smartphones and tablets, enabling interactive text messaging and emails.

In the event of an emergency, the inReach SOS button, which has built-in protection against false alarms, will trigger a distress alert with delivery confirmation. The inReach SOS alert automatically activates the remote tracking feature, sending message and tracking data to an international search-and-rescue coordination center, providing frequent updates of the user?s GPS position coordinates.

DeLorme is exhibiting inReach on Stand 01.244 at METS, Nov. 13-15 in Amsterdam. Journalists interested in meeting with DeLorme should contact Jim Rhodes to schedule an appointment: 001-757-753-1238 or

About DeLorme:

DeLorme is a longtime leader in innovative mapping and GPS products, and most recently the company has earned numerous prestigious awards for its groundbreaking integration of GPS navigation and satellite communications. The ability to develop all the critical components necessary to compete in these fast-changing technologies distinguishes DeLorme as a provider of unique solutions for both the commercial and government markets. DeLorme is based in Yarmouth, Maine, U.S.A., and is home to Eartha, the world?s largest revolving globe. To learn more, visit


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Police: Deaths of 5 in Toledo, Ohio garage do not appear accidental

By NBC News staff

Updated at 10:38 p.m. ET: Five people — two adults and three children — were found dead of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning in a garage Monday afternoon in Toledo, Ohio. Police said the deaths could be the result of a murder-suicide.

The victims were a 52-year-old woman, her three grandchildren ? ages 5, 6 and 10 ? and a 32-year-old man who was the uncle of one of the grandchildren,?according to the Toledo Blade newspaper.

Emergency responders found the grandmother, uncle, three children, two dogs and a cat in a Honda Civic in the grandmother’s garage. A Dodge truck in the garage had pumped exhaust — carbon monoxide — into the Civic.

The children’s grandfather called police shortly after 3 p.m. asking for a wellness check. Firefighters ultimately had to break into the garage.

Toledo Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said the grandmother and her daughter were involved in a custody battle over the children. The grandmother had been their primary caregiver over the last four years and the mother was in the process of regaining custody.

Authorities did not say whether a carbon monoxide detector was in the home, NBC 24 in Toledo reported.

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‘Perfect’ cloaking demonstrated

Scientists have succeeded in “cloaking” an object perfectly for the first time, rendering a centimetre-scale cylinder invisible to microwaves.

Many “invisibility cloak” efforts have been demonstrated, but all have reflected some of the incident light, making the illusion incomplete.

A Nature Materials study has now shown how to pull off the trick flawlessly.

However, the illusion only works from one direction and would be difficult to achieve with visible light.

The idea of invisibility cloaking got its start in 2006 when John Pendry of Imperial College London and David Schurig and David Smith of Duke University laid out the theory of “transformation optics” in a paper in Science, demonstrating it for the first time using microwaves (much longer wavelengths than we can see) in another Science paper later that year.

The papers sparked a flurry of activity to move the work on to different wavelengths – namely those in which we see.

As the “Where’s my cloak of invisibility?” article points outThe field has moved on considerably since then.

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?Start Quote

It’s like the card people in Alice in Wonderland… If they turn on their sides you can’t see them but they’re obviously visible if you look from the other direction?

End Quote Prof David Smith Duke University

But no effort to date has been able to achieve the “perfect” cloaking that the theory originally described.

The structures that can pull off this extraordinary trick of the light are difficult to manufacture, and each attempt has made an approximation to the theoretical idea that results in reflections.

So someone would not see a cloaked object but rather the scene behind it – however, the reflections from the cloak would make that scene appear somewhat darkened.

Now, Prof Smith and his Duke colleague Nathan Landy have taken another tack, reworking how the edges of a microwave cloak line up, ensuring that the light passes around the cloak completely with no reflections.

The trick was to use a diamond-shaped cloak, with properties carefully matched at the diamond’s corners, to shuttle light perfectly around a cylinder 7.5cm in diameter and 1cm tall.

“This to our knowledge is the first cloak that really addresses getting the transformation exactly right to get you that perfect invisibility,” Prof Smith told BBC News.

However, the cloaking game is always one of trade-offs; though the illusion is perfect, it only works in one direction.

“It’s like the card people in Alice in Wonderland,” Prof Smith explained. “If they turn on their sides you can’t see them but they’re obviously visible if you look from the other direction.”

The design principles that make the cloak work in microwaves would be difficult to implement at optical wavelengths. But microwaves are important in many applications, principally telecommunications and radar, and improved versions of cloaking could vastly improve microwave performance.

“The cloak we demonstrated in 2006 as a kind of microwave device would be very poor, but this one gets us to something that could be potentially useful,” Prof Smith said.

“I think it’s something that a lot of people can build on. Everything in this field is going to come down to what you can make, what you can design. And I think this steps up the design.”


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Stocks higher after bruising week

(AP) ? Stocks are opening higher on this Veterans Day.

Just after the start of trading, the Dow Jones industrial average is up eight points at 12,823. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index is up two at 1,382. And the Nasdaq composite index is up 11 at 2,916.

Last week, the market had its biggest sell-off of the year after the re-election of President Barack Obama. Investors are worried about the “fiscal cliff,” tax increases and government spending cuts that go into effect Jan. 1 unless Congress acts.

The bond market is closed Monday.

Stocks in Europe are mixed after Greek lawmakers approved a 2013 budget overnight. The head of the finance ministers of the 17 euro countries says lenders have prepared a “positive” report on the country.

Associated Press


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