Do You Use Text Expansion?

You might be surprised how often you type the same phrases or other blocks of text. Text expansion apps can save you loads of time by automatically creating this text for you when you type short trigger phrases, and sometimes monitoring the text you type so the app can offer autocompletion in the future. Do use it?

We’ve extolled the virtues of text expansion before and talked about a lot of ways you can use it. We’ve also singled out our favorite text expansion apps for Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android. But we’d like to know:


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Make a Perfect Home with Secured Home Improvement Loan – Chevra

Still thinking of renovating your home? Stop thinking, get secured home improvement loan and make your home like you always dreamt of. Repairing a home demands for a huge amount of money. Home improvement loans will satisfy all your financial needs required for your home renovation.

Owning a home is just not enough. You need to do proper care to maintain it. Availing a home improvement loan will allow you modify your home. You can use this loan for several purposes such as house painting, redecoration, furnishing, roofing, plumbing, adding extra room, making repairs etc.

A secured home improvement loan is mostly offered to homeowners. As they are secured loan, you need to put collateral against the loan. Most often, your home will be put as collateral. But if you wish you may put any other valuable property in place of that.

Since you put collateral against a home improvement loan, the lender becomes assured that his money is not at risk. So he offers you a higher loan amount with low interest rate and easy repayments. You can get a secured home improvement loan in a range of ?5,000 to ?25,000, with a repayment of 3-25 years. You can even ask for a higher loan amount if you put a security of higher value.

Secured home improvement loans are also available to bad credit holders also. If your credit history has a record of poor credit score, CCJ, bankruptcy etc., you can still apply for secured home improvement loans. Lenders will offer you loan amount at low interest rate with an easy repayment term.

Getting a home improvement loan is quite an easy job. You can take money fast and easy while you are at home. For your convenience, lenders are offering loans online. Now you just need to log on to the net and look for lenders providing secured home owner loans. You will come across a variety of lenders having varied quotations. You can analyse and choose the lender which suits you the best. After choosing the lender, you will be required to fill an online application form which will ask you for details like your credit history, personal information etc. Once you submit this application you will be contacted by the lender very shortly and the loan money will be transferred to your account.

Getting a secured home improvement loan is a matter of great deal. You should be very careful while selecting the lender. Research thoroughly before selecting the lender. Many lenders would try to influence you by offering attractive discounts. Try yourself not to get drawn by these offers. When you feel that a particular lender is very much suitable for you, then apply for it. A good home improvement loan deal will make you and your home breathe fresh.


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